She likes you, she likes not to you. By plucking petals from a flower, that’s if she’s into you how lesbians of yesteryear knew.

Thank heavens those days are over, and there are easier ways to tell if a girl likes you– and not based on what an eviscerated blossom lets you know.

She’s into you # 1: She makes eye contact

Eye contact is the first clue that a girl likes you, although perhaps we’re an evolved species from our lesbian foremothers.

Now and then, body language has always been the gauge of somebody’s interest among lesbians.

Sometimes two women may also fall in love just by looking at each other.

Likewise, the more intense the eye contact, the more attracted she is to you.

She’ll be tense as hell if a girl likes you. She appearing unsettled, or could be losing all her papers on the floor when you speak to her.

She’dn’t understand how to proceed with herself whenever you’re around, because it you really get to fall in love with the same sex.

She’ll be awkward and it’ll be adorable.

She’s into you #3: She adores your jokes

She’s your number one fan as it pertains to your own jokes. She will laugh when they are told by you.

She’ll adore them, even if they’re not comical.

It’s not because she needs to get in your good side, but she really likes your jokes.

She’s into you #4: She likes being with you

You’ll frequently find her sitting beside you or somewhere near you. It’s instinct: you want to be near them, when you like someone.

So during staff meetings at work, she’ll be nearby. She’ll take the seat, when you’re at lunch.

When she starts feeling attracted to you personally, she’ll desire to understand it.

A warning: you might want to wait this one out. She might be asking you– but enjoys some other lesbian. This could occur.

She’s into you #6: She enjoys touching you

Some people are touchy; that’s their personality. But some of her touches are not same.

When she touches your arm or puts her hand in your shoulder frequently, that means something.

She’s into you # 7: Follow your instincts

We’re an evolved species; we’re at being able to tell if somebody likes us or not not actually bad.

When you feel that she likes you, there must be something there.