Occasionally it’s hard to tell. He could only be complimenting you because he ’s extroverted and has no qualms about rejection that is possible. Or he could simply be reporting an observation, or saying his opinion without a lot of idea. To be honest, you kind of wish he was flirting with you because he’s got a non-creepy and real grin, and, quite frankly, you’ven’t kissed, let alone had sex with, anyone since…ever. You kind of desire to be intimate, but you don’t understand where to start. Particularly because you can’t read social signals.

I’ve been in your shoes before. Actually, the craft of social interaction and I still fight. Nevertheless, I have come a long way and I could safely say that I am much better at it than I was in high school. I generally apply these rules of thumb when identifying whether a member of the male specimen gets the ulterior motive of seduction, or if he’s just making small talk.

There’s a reason. Why? This wasn’t obvious in my experience at first because I thought when speaking to each other that normal people looked at each other. However, I noticed that when buddies are talking to each other, they don’t always stare into each other’s eyes. Eyes reveal all, so he’s trying to estimate your reaction to whatever he’s talking because he really wants to know how you feel or inquiring around if he’s continuously looking into your eyes.

Additionally, if he’s looking at you constantly, he thinks you’re appealing. Guys do not spend their time keeping eye contact with someone they don’t find attractive.

2) Proximity

In the event you and a man happen to be discussing quite close, it’s not because he desires to smell your breath. Well, I’m sure he would appreciate a minty, fresh odor, since that will support you to be kissed by him. But anyhow, if he’s speaking close to you, say, less than the usual foot further away from your mouth, it’s almost painfully apparent that he’s flirting with you. His closeness to you suggests that he’s comfortable along with you and he really, really wants to kiss you. He desires to preview the atmosphere between you before you guys begin (hypothetically) participating in a sexual relationship.

3) Generosity

When you’re taking at least four grocery bags, “Do you need help taking your bags?” he asks. Then he’s not always flirting with you if you’re totally fighting with those totes. However, should you pretty much have the tote- taking covered if you’ll need help and he still asks, then he’s definitely flirting with you. When folks help us, there are usually planning to be awkward silences and, depending on if you’re a nervous-talker or not (which I ‘m), somebody is bound to start the conversation. Does helping you raise the probability of interaction on you, but, in his head, in addition, it increases the chances of you believing of you and him possibly starting a dialogue in case you run into him better.

4) Inquisition

When a man asks you what leading you’re in or what year you’re in, it doesn’t **necessarily** mean that he’s flirting. It is determined by the context. If he approaches you because he needs to get more signatures to be student president or to advertise for his club’s event , then he ’s not flirting with you. But if he apparently approaches you out of his own volition and after that begins to ask questions, that’s when you can start to imagine that you’ve captured his attention. If he asks you more questions that are personal, such as what your interests are or where you’re from, I’d give it about a ninety-nine percent chance that he is flirting with you. As well as that, he asks you other questions and if the dialog dwindles, that means he’s interested about you and he needs to keep the dialog going. Inquiring for your own amount by the end of your conversation solidifies that he’s hitting on you, notably when information could be attained by him through another source.
5) Facial expression

This one is challenging for the majority of us people that are difficult. Unfortunately, most people scarcely give consideration to such cues because we focus nearly all of our attention on what we’re saying and doing, not what others are saying and doing. So long as a guy smiles (or laughs) at least three times in your dialog, he’s flirting along with you. That’s a great indicator also, if he looks at you at any point while he laughs or smiles.

For me, these are pretty significant, but although there are probably more rules of thumb. Good luck identifying social cues of the specimen that is male!